The students of the SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE, DESIGN AND URBAN PLANNING – FADU have designed and executed more than 200 projects and community works in all of the provinces of Santa Cruz and also in the majority of the Departments of the country. They have also participated in international competitions and have obtained six prizes and distinctions.

The graduates of Architecture (Bachelor and Master), Interior Design, and more recently Industrial Design, have been making a professional difference in Santa Cruz and Bolivia. The more than 1000 graduates of Architecture are working in professional activities in a large spectrum of local, regional and national private and public as well as autonomous institutions. Their presence and prominence are evident in the design and construction of the largest quality architectural works in the region and the country. They are present in the local regulatory institutions, in the Association of Architecture, and among the winners of the main Architecture competitions at the national and local levels. They stand out in publications with their works and articles and perform in diverse institutions of varied types.

Interior Design and Landscaping have radically changed Santa Cruz under the impulse of the graduated professionals of the UPSA, who have exercised their profession in the private as well as the public sectors. The Santa Cruz Trade Show, the main business and commercial event in the country, was favored notably by the morphological impact of the impulse of the UPSA professionals.

The impact of the first industrial designers of the country has become evident in different sectors of industry nationally, with capable professionals who give impulse to the industrial transformation and market aperture, while new professionals are formed in their classrooms.