In 2009 the degree or Architecture applied to the first process of international accreditation within the framework of the Arcu-Sur program from Mercosur. In consequence the auto-evaluation of the degree was carried out, later receiving the Committee of international evaluating pairs. Full compliance with the dimension, criteria and quality indicator demands imposed on the system, allowed for the achievement of the International Accreditation. This way, in 2011 the degree of Architecture became one of the first four degrees in the country in obtaining this acknowledgment to quality and to date is the only one that has this certification in the Department.

The degree of Architecture of the UPSA, obtained the re-accreditation from the evaluators of ARCUSUR, accredited mechanism of the Common Market of the South (MERCOSUR), that for the second time certified the process of academic quality under the most demanding standards. The certificate of re-accreditation was received on March 16, 2018 in a ceremony organized by the Ministry of Education, who gave the UPSA the documentation in Cochabamba.

The new accreditation of the academic quality has as a benefit for the students the guarantee that their degree is equivalent with other similar degrees of the Education Sector of the MERCOSUR, a space of coordination of education policies that bring together the member countries and associates of MERCOSUR since December 1991.