The Business School was born in 1984 as an Academic Department of Business Studies with the degree of Business Administration at the Bachelor of Science level. In 1988 the new study plan was implemented, and the Accounting degree was offered at the higher technician level with a duration of six months.

At the request of professionals and students, the first semester of 1991 the Commercial Engineering degree was initiated at the Bachelor of Science level and two years later the Economic Engineering, Auditing and Finance degrees were opened at the Bachelor of Science level. In the year 2000 the Financial Engineering and International Trade degrees were opened as a response to labor and business requirements linked to foreign trade and the financial system.

The Marketing and Advertising degree opened in 2002 completed the degrees for the School, training specialized professionals in several areas of trade.

The School of Business Sciences has carried forth processes of self-evaluation permanently in its degrees, under the CINDA criteria, which has allowed for the redesign of the curriculum of its academic programs. The last self-evaluation process carried out in 2015, generate new study plans for all the degrees and were to be implemented during the first semester of 2017 with increased coarse load, the inclusion of selective courses to be taken as compulsory and the incorporation of new contents based of the requirements of the surrounding work environment in the different specialty areas.

The School of Business Sciences is characterized as being the motor and agent of change in activities oriented towards the promotion and strengthening of the entrepreneurial spirit of students, future professionals and company creators.