Welcome to UPSA!

Promo UPSA is an annual event carried out since 2003. We invite high school seniors (or the equivalent) who are considering applying to the UPSA to visit university campus so that they get familiar with the courses offered at the University, its facilities and the resources available to students.

In these two days of the Promo UPSA, more than two thousand prospective applicants are accompanied by current undergraduate students from UPSA, who transmit their experiences and become guides during the tour to get a first-hand view of the courses offered by the University.

Throughout the day, the faculties are presented through an activity that projects the main characteristics of the courses they hold so that the future bachelors receive information and built some selection criteria to choose one, as well as to know the skills and abilities that it requires, and be able to visualize their future from the possibilities that are presented to them.

During the tour, the future bachelors receive detailed information on study plans, cultural, sports and academic activities, which will complement their training, as well as internationalization opportunities, through exchanges, internships and student trips.

The Department of Student Advisory and Welfare (DABE) and the Center for Business Advice and Consultancy (CENACE) also await them with interesting data on training and continuing education.

Tania Landivar
Jefe Departamento de Marketing
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