The Departamento de Asesoría y Bienestar Estudiantil DABE (Student Advisory and Welfare Department), provides students with the support they need in their transition to the life of a university student. We offer personal and academic resources, development of academic leveling strategies, learning techniques and study habits, as well as other assistance that contributes to a successful progression into this stage of personal and professional formation.

Diagnosis of Techniques and Study Habits
Prior to the start of classes, a preliminary evaluation is carried out with all students whoare new to UPSA to evaluate the individual habits and resources they bring with them to the university, referring to personal and autonomous work. The final result allows an analysis of the attitude toward the study and their own self-concept. With the help of our support team, the student can develop strategies that facilitate a better academic performance. To this end, workshops of techniques and study habits are offered free of charge to UPSA students who request this service.

Evaluation of the student's perception during the first semester at the University
An evaluation is taken at the end of the student´s first semester at UPSA of each student´s perception of his or her adaptation to university life. Taken into consideration are the quality of the environment and educational resources, the relationships with professors and peers, and the fulfillment of their expectations. From this analysis, we develop proposals to generate optimum conditions for the student´s ongoing success.

Supervised registration
For students who have difficulties in their academic performance, supervised registration aims to provide resources and tools that allow them to deal in a better way with their academic difficulties.