The Department of Student Advisory and Welfare (DABE) provides professional psychological assistance and counseling to students. It collaborates with the integral development and offers students its time and facility so that they feel content, supported, listened to and oriented in the different stages of their formation.

The DABE provides academic and vocational counseling to students upon request. It also develops various programs of University Social Responsibility, of which "Juntos hacia el future” (Together into the Future)" stands out.

Psychological Support

The DABE provides professional support to students through counseling and psychological guidance in critical. The goal is to support and guide university students through common difficulties in university life involving family, economic, emotional or any other issues.

The DABE also support the parents of UPSA students with personalized information, support and guidance on academic issues of their children.

Absolute discretion and confidentiality are guaranteed in all our interventions; Trust is a determining factor in the services offered by the DABE.

Student Assimilation

Various student concerns including activities and / or programs for the benefit of the university community can be addressed through direct contact with the students. The counseling and support of the DABE are geared to help students adjust to university life.

Free Workshops

One way that the University expands its educational services is to provide training aimed at developing useful skills for students. We accomplish this, in part, by providing students with a variety of free workshops.

Life and career plan

In today's competitive world, drawing a Life and Career Plan is essential for a professional future, as it helps students achieve goals and benefit from the investments they made. Having an action plan allows students to take better advantage of the opportunities and develop their personal and professional potential to the maximum.

Curriculum development

Here students gain basic and efficient tools for entering the job market. They learn how to develop a resume, prepare for a job interview and methods for an active job search.

For more information contact:
Head of DABE
Lic. Mary Cruz de Urioste Vidaurre
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In charge of Counseling
Lic. Blanca Faldín Peña
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